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November 8th, 2013 -

WINE: Seasonal trends

AS SUMMER approaches, the big red wines that sustain those of us who believe that our drinking choices are partly determined by climate suddenly become too rich and dense for midday consumption. (This, by the way, suggests a new definition for climate change, viz. “what to drink when the weather changes.”) The return to white wine becomes evident in the trade: suddenly Sauvignon Blanc sales take off again, even Chardonnay emerges from its doldrums, Riesling becomes unforgotten and white blends boom.

At the more popular prices (closer, infinitesimally, to Nomvula Mokonyane’s “dirty voters”), the Rosé market sweeps back to life after its winter dormancy. Until recently the smart set was expected to resist the temptation of thinking pink, the beverage (historically) of the greater unwashed… While I’m not entirely persuaded that Cabernet Sauvignon is the right grape for this style of wine, Mulderbosch has undoubtedly made a success of it


by Michael Fridjhon  |  Business Day Live

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