Mulderbosch Brut MCC 2015 was recently awarded with a gold medal at the inaugural SA Sparkling Wines Championships.

The SA Sparkling Wine Championships is the first South African competition to focus exclusively on the sparkling wine category. The panel, comprised of Allan Mullins (chair), retailer Caroline Rillema, winemakers Praisy Dlamini and Kelly-Marie Jacobs, awarded 21 medals of the 78 wines entered into the competition.

Mulderbosch MCC 2015 encapsulates our vision for innovation, creatively pursuing and endeavouring our own course in wine style. The MCC continues to follow the maiden 2014 vintage with the inclusion of a meaningful Pinot Meunier component with the intention to produce a unique house style of MCC unlike anything currently available in South Africa.

The blend comprises of a 53% Pinot Noir component, 30% Chardonnay and 17% Pinot Meunier. The Pinot Noir, the core of the blend contributes towards acidity and delicate flavours while the Chardonnay provides richness and depth with a well-integrated bead and delicate mousse.

“Mulderbosch has a reputation for innovation, and has never been afraid to chart its own course regarding wine style. In our view, the inclusion of Pinot Meunier lends a certain opulence to the blend that sets it apart from many others,” says head winemaker Adam Mason.

With a well-integrated bead and delicate mousse, it is dry yet beautifully balanced. Savoury, nutty characters from the extended maturation are prominent, with a definite surge of fresh fruit on the palate.

Mulderbosch Vineyards focuses on producing quality wines that respect and preserve age-old winemaking traditions whilst remaining aware of the benefits of modernisation.

As a result, our wines are distributed globally, re-affirming our identity as a premium producer of distinctive wines and represent the soils and climate in which our grapes are grown.

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